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Tell Yourself The Truth

Welcome back to Week 2 of Creative Healing and Self-Care Through Art and Art Journaling. We are calling this Creative52 because for 52 weeks we've creating and getting healthier. We are having conversations to help us to be the person we are called to me.

Come along and join in!

I did a thing this morning. I slept in. It felt good. And while I was enjoying counted moments in the bed, I began to Imagine my year. I thought about the ugliness of the news this past week. I thought about the impact of 2020 and I wondered how I was able to press through obstacles through a maze of personal turmoil, political unrest in the world, and racial injustices all around.

In order to settle my thoughts while journaling, I try to ask questions and ponder the answers that come up. I use to sensor all answers to ensure they felt good and never uncomfortable. These vain conversations were riddled with fear of what would surface if I kept asking and pondering.

What I have learned is there is so much healing in telling the truth to yourself. There is so much healing in being our own witnesses.

What is the issue Really?

What is the fear Really?

Journal that. Imagine greater.

Tell Yourself The Truth.

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