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I have been looking forward to the weekend, imagining that I would have all the time in the world to finalize things with my new book, The Other Side of Whole. But something didn’t feel right, and shortly afterwards, I found myself resting with little energy for anything else.

I have been getting up early and going to bed late determined to fulfill all of my commitments with excellence. Sometimes, there is a cost. And before I agreed upon an exchange I wasn’t prepared to handle, I decided to rest. Yes, rest.

My mind, body and soul needed rest. None of us can pour from an empty jar no matter the anticipated rewards. I gave myself permission to Just Be. It was a brilliant decision.

Have you ever pushed yourself past the point of exhaustion? Was the price worth it?

As a result of resting, I was able to finalize many important tasks that needed my attention.

Because I rested, resilience became the word of the day.

I needed a fresh look. Giving myself permission to rest was my gift to myself.

When I returned to my work, I was able to focus and to finish the task at hand. It's been a good day.

What does self-care look like in your life?

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