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Knowing Is The Joy - Creative 52

It happened! It really happened to me. I launched my second book, The Other Side of Whole. This was a labor of love as I poured out in poetry my experience living with depression while trying to live an abundant life.

Moe Brooker, an American abstract painter responded when asked about the meaning of joy, “Joy is a way down deep knowing that there’s nothing you can’t overcome.” He explained that these are the words given to him by his grandmother. These same words were passed down by her parents. It’s so important that we give our children something to fight with.

As I discover, embrace and celebrate the author and artist I am becoming, I pause to allow those words to sink further into my heart. Joy. Unspeakable joy. For this I paid in tears. And I give God glory for the joy deep in my heart. There is nothing I can’t overcome. Not abuse. Not trauma. Not depression.

There were many who doubted and didn’t believe in my dreams. I didn’t understand as a young girl, that I didn’t need everyone’s permission to pursue my heart’s desire. So, I spent too much time waiting on approval and giving into fear.

The artist, Sark, in her book Creative Dreams, stated that your dreams are resilient and that they will wait for you. I am proof. My dreams waited for me and my life has changed. And so I walk boldly and creatively into the world that awaits me.

What dreams are awaiting you?

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