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Give Yourself Time To Heal

Fast Food



The world in which we live demands that we have immediate satisfaction from so much in life. It seems we have little patience for things growing naturally, text messages being responded to, or relationships blossoming. We want everything right now! Quick Fast and In a Hurry!

There is something to be said for waiting, being patience and allowing a thing to process. There is even a difference in taste between instant foods and foods that are allowed to cook traditionally. Your preference will help you decide.

But some things take time. The time mays be months, years, or decades. No matter how we try and fast forward important conversations, confrontations of truth and accountability, we find ourselves back where we are supposed to be. Wherever you are on your healing journey, be okay with it. Just allow time to do what it does, to pace.

I believe there are certain lessons we are to learn and own on our journey of healing. We may find ourselves stuck when we attempt shortcuts.

So, extend yourself grace for your journey. Sit with your thoughts. Glean the lessons you are to learn. Forgive along the way. Embrace the beauty that will come out on the other side.

Give yourself time to heal.

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