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Give Yourself Permission To Bloom

As I was leaving home the other day, I noticed a rose bud in my husband’s flower bed. It was peeping out from among the hardy leaves. I thought about the flowers all around it blooming at different rates. I am purposeful each morning when I view the flower bed, and look forward to admiring what has happened while at work.

It always amazes me what happens the hours I am away. The little rose bud decided to bloom. The other flowers decided to turn boldly towards the sun as if they wanted to be seen. It was a refreshing sight. Simple, I know. A flower.

What flowers in your creative garden are waiting on you? What books are waiting to be written, songs to be song, art to be created or businesses to be started? Give yourself permission to bloom.

Give yourself permission to show up boldly in your life. You don’t have to wait on others to affirm. If they do, bless them. But if that doesn’t happen, bloom away. The world is waiting on the gift that only you can bring.

Go ahead.


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