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Creative 52 - Art Can Free The Soul

It's been a hazy day and I enjoyed the birds singing while flying back and forth from the deck to the bushes. I am trying to settle my thoughts after spending months writing my second book, The Other Side of Whole.

In my writing times, I allow the words to flow as poems pour onto the blank page. When I honor freedom, the words lead me to meandering thoughts. It's quite liberating to write and not to sensor.

My husband completed a home project and brought leftover scraps to me. He knew my day would be made with yet another substrate to create magic with. The scraps were 11.5 x 3.5 x .5. I imagine the blocks as inspirational sayings, small wall hanging or book ends. Who knows?

I decided in the end to add a layer of clear gesso and then to paint abstractly onto the wood surface. No plan. No clear direction. No specific design. I immediately felt lighter. I gave myself permission to focus just on the moment.

I am glad I honored my soul's desire to Just Be.

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