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Child Abuse Prevention - We're all called.

April is Child Abuse Prevention Month. I have spent the day reflecting on my life and have to admit there were moments when I wasn’t ok. I decided to press through and to dive into creating art and writing. As I fought to hold back tears, I eventually allowed the gentle flow of release.

The tears allowed me to cleanse the thoughts I was having about a little girl who lost her innocence at the cost of a predator. The tears allowed me to reset and to continue my fight to bring awareness and therefore prevention. The tears reminded me that I am a survivor.

When I wrote my first book, Heart In Pieces Made Whole, I couldn’t imagine how such raw emotions could survive the page. I experienced vulnerability in a way I had never before. But with that vulnerability I experienced freedom in a way I had never before. That’s the other side.

I want to encourage you to walk BOLDLY into a life of freedom and wholeness.

Launching soon my newest book, The Other Side of Whole, takes the reader on a poetic journey of unloading the baggage of depression, anxiety and low self-esteem. I invite you to take that journey with me.

Today is yet another beginning for me. I acknowledge the fear and walk BOLDLY.

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